Things can change in the blink of an eye

Hello readers..

I’ve been a bit quiet and there is a good reason for that. Since December i felt like I’ve been on a roller coaster that doesn’t stop. I lost my job. It was depresssing. I was depresssed. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. Just wanted to binge watch tv shows.

I watched the full 3 seasons of Younger, I watched 3 seasons of Animal Kingdom and I managed to finish watching the series winners & losers.

At the end of January I was offered my job back. I went back to work. I’m so glad to be working again. I feel more into a routine. I have my set days of work and the rest to do whatever I want. Although I am still quite bored on my days off.

I have some other news as well but I don’t want to reveal it into here just yet. Just could all my readers keep their fingers, toes arms legs and every part of their body crossed for me. I really need this.

I’ve been playing fortnite on PS4. Kind of got over destiny 2. I really need a new PS4 as mine is still only 500gb.

Send me a message, I’ll respond when I can.

Love & light

Amanda xo

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Jobs. What are they? 

I’m hoping to land a job soon. It sucks being unemployed. Like yes it’s cool having a lot of spare time but at the same time I feel so guilty about lazing around doing nothing. I want something. Just a couple days a week would be perfect for me. 

Finally! Gen 3 is out in Pokemon go! How you all going? I’ve caught 21 so far! I’m loving the adventure to find them. Way better than the boring gen 1&2 although it’s nice to find 100%ers. 

How’s your weekend going? I spent most of my Sunday in bed. Didn’t do much. On Saturday I went to the movies and saw an advanced screening of jumanji. It was amazing! Loved it. 

Have tweaked a few things on my site. I’ve been working on it on & off over the last few days. I did update my WordPress but things started stuffing up so I had to revert back to my old WordPress. 

I don’t have much planned this week except job searching, job appointment and laze around the house!!

I hope you all have a good week! 

Love & light


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Work experience was ok

I enjoyed my morning at work experience with people with disabilities. I am going to see if I can get some volunteer work, I also want to check out some admin stuff as well. Mainly because I’m great with computers 😉

I’ve applied for another job today, I haven’t heard from any of the other jobs. My biggest problem is transport as I am still on my learners and I wonder if I’ll ever get my license. For the simple fact that I get way too scared when there’s too much traffic on the road. I mean let’s face it. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye. 

I didn’t do much today apart from 3 hours work experience, did a ho-oh raid (Pokemon), did some grocery shopping and went to the butcher and got an awesome supply of meat! 

Tomorrow (today – as its 2:14am-eek) I have no plans but to finish watching winners and losers and start s5! Finally up to episode 26 of season 4. So. Excited. But so sad that it’s going to end!

Anyway – I’m off enjoy the updates– I haven’t done much on the site today as I’ve had a splitting headache but check the updates for more info. 

Love & light. 

Amanda xo

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I’m back!!!

Edit: this was written at 4am it’s now 10.30am, I fell asleep typing this post! 😂 </edit>

Okay so, as I was doing my layout I decided I would open my site as I only have to add every single page back, apart from missing pages my layout is the bom diggity!

Tell me what you think babes? I’m in love with it! 

I haven’t had a chance to reply back to any emails so please bare with me, my main focus is getting my site functioning!  

I told myself I wouldn’t stay up as late as last night (4:00AM) and well what do you know? ITS 4:00AM!! Ahhh I’ve had my head so focused on my website time has just flown by. To make matters worse I have an appointment in 10 hours. I better get some sleep!

Love & light


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So I have lost my job. It’s still pretty raw and i can’t get over how fast things changed. I just keep thinking over and over. What did I do wrong? I try be the best I can and this is what happens. I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. 

I’ve been binge watching winners and losers as I still haven’t finished watching it. I’m almost upto season 5. It’s going to be sad when I get to the final episode. 

I’ve made a list of shows that I need to finish watching. 

  • Winners & losers
  • Prison break
  • Wentworth
  • House husbands
  • All saints
  • Mccleods daughters

The list goes on but that’s just to name a few. 
How did you go with the Pokemon go global catch challenge? I went up 2 levels and I am now level 36! And I caught about 2 100% farfetch’d. I was pretty stoked with that!
I’m trying to take a break from Pokemon go as it was getting to the point where I was forcing myself to go out and play it. And now the events over and I don’t have a job I just want to chill for a bit and get my head together. I’ve applied for a few jobs so hopefully something comes my way! 
Sorry for the lack of updates, everything just changed so suddenly. One moment I was doing extra shifts. Then the next I’m unemployed. 
How are you all doing? 

Love n light 

Amanda xx

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