I started off making graphics with Jasc Paint shop pro, and making animations with Animation Shop. Keep in mind, I was only about 13/14 (a young teenager) with a passion for making graphics. I would visit so many amazing blog/websites and always hope I could do something like that! I would read up on their tutorials to try doing it myself.

It wasn’t long until I moved onto Photoshop! Let me say, I don’t think I went back to Paintshop pro! Everything just seemed so much easier with Photoshop.

I had always wanted my own domain, my own site, my own place to blog about whatever I wanted, but just didn’t know the right away about doing it. I used to create html files on my desktop and code my own layouts, with no knowledge whatsoever, no domain or anything, or anywhere to upload it to. I pretty much taught myself how to code, with the help from these sites.

Sometimes It would get frustrating teaching myself how to do things, when it would turn out crap, or doesn’t look as good as it should. I’m no drawer but I am glad my skills with Photoshop are increasing.

On May 6, 2010 I decided to create a blogger account. Let me say, it was pretty basic stuff. I would just create a layout header in photoshop then upload it. I wasn’t really satisfied, but I guess you have to start off somewhere. You can view my previous layouts for blogger here.

After blogging on and off on my blogger account, I had thoughts of seriously starting up my own domain/blog. So On the 7.12.2014, I brought my first domain through Host Excellence.

It took me a few days to get back into coding, and get my head around php, as I have never coded with PHP. I guess the hardest part was getting wordpress the way I want it. But php is not that bad! The site officially opened on 12.12.2014.

It has always been my dream to have my own website. I have often thought about going to tafe and going courses on web design/graphic design. But most things I have learned off the internet with helpful tutorials.

I would just like to thank most of these websites, and a few friends, including Spencer, Rob and a few others who helped me in someway, to get this site up and running.

Thankyou to all my amazing viewers, and I hope you like my site.

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