Hey everyone. I have done a massive progress with changing my images over to a new server. I will never ever use photobucket again. I just hope this never happens again. It’s really such a hassle. I have always been a fan of photobucket. I think it is so wrong to do this to people. Fair enough it’s their site, their rules but come on. What about people who have been using their free service for over 10 years or so and then have this happen to them. It is honestly like restarting my site from scratch. But I’m lucky I have all pages the way I want them already, just have to find every single photobucket link and remove & update. I honestly thought never in a million years photobucket would do such a drastic change. 

Sooo what’s new with me?

Game updates!

  • I am now level 33 on Pokemon go. (Yes, I am a daily player!) do you still play, if so what level are you?
  • I started playing the pre-sequel for Borderlands. Honestly, it’s not as bad as I first thought. It’s quite fun! I can’t wait for borderlands 3!
  • I have picked up a copy of Destiny 2 and have been smashing it out the last few days. I said I wouldn’t get it, but it was on special at Big W, so why not! 

Health updates!

  • Oh my g! I am so glad winter is like over! I had the flu 3 freaking times and I still have a slight cough. My gosh. I usually don’t get the flu more than once but this year it just didn’t want to leave my body for some unknown reason! 
  • I have been to the doctor and had some tests & scans done, the only main problem is I have to have a vaccination whereas everything else seems to be going ok, I haven’t been in so much pain lately. 
  • I started taking small walks around my home and around botanical gardens,but since being sick I just feel useless and I have a lack of energy so I really need to get back into walking again. It’s hard when there is no motivation. 

Family updates!

  • I went away at the end of August for a couple of days to spend some time with my family and to celebrate my mums birthday. It was a very short trip. Wishing I could spend more time with them.  I miss them dearly. I’m hoping I’ll get to head back down there at Christmas time. 

Random thoughts!

  • For the last couple of years I have been dying my hair blonde with products from the salon. I haven’t done my regrowth for awhile because I am thinking of dying my hair darker. Now I did a bad decision and I went to my supermarket and I got cheap hair dye, and I kid you not, it’s still sitting in the packet on my bathroom bench. At the time I wanted to change my hair, but now I’m like no. I can’t do it. Why is that? Is it because it’s taken forever to get where my colour should be, it’d be a waste to go back to dark. I don’t know. I want to do it but I just don’t know, I love my blonde hair. Have you ever felt like this before?
  • Are you getting the new iPhone? 8 or X.. What are your thoughts on it? I have the 6s plus and it’s my baby! This has honestly been the best iPhone yet, well for me anyway. I don’t really think it’s worth while upgrading. Every other previous iPhone I’ve had , I’m like yeahhhh sweet upgrade time. But now I’m like nah my iPhone has everything I want. So why should I upgrade? 

Anyways, I better go it’s almost 4:00am here. Hopefully when I wake up I’ll have a clear mind to finish all these photo bucket links lol

Love & light 

Amanda xo

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Photobucket? No thanksΒ 

Hello everyone. 

Sorry for my absence. 

I have noticed photo bucket has stopped third party hosting, so I will have to re do all of my pictures on this site and get everything off photo bucket. 

I do apologise for the mess my site is. I just need time to get this site looking nice again. 

Hope you’re all well..

Amanda xo

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Hey guys. How are we all? Sorry I’ve been MIA. 

What’s new with me?

I’ve become admin on my local Pokemon go mystic group πŸ™‚ been making some new friends, which is great! Go mystic 😛

I had a weekend off work at the start of  March so I could attend my best friends engagement party. There was so many people there! 

I had some time to see the family as well, the kids have got so big. 

My cat, buttons who lives with my parents had to have surgery on her leg while I was away, and the surgery was a success! It will take a few months for her to fully heal but she’s still alive and kicking! 

I’m still working a few days a week in the kitchen. I applied for another job, I haven’t heard back yet which is kind of disappointing. I kinda had my heart set on it πŸ™ I know, I should ring but I hate talking on the phone πŸ™ 

Did you hear about the lismore floods? About 1 week ago, my home town (where I’m from and where all of my family live) was almost completely under! It’s the second biggest flood since 1974. (And in some parts I’ve been hearing it even went over the 74 markers)

There has been a large amount of people come together to help lismore get back up and running. Some (most) people have lost everything. Their home, their job, business. It was a massive flood! I wish I was there to help with the clean up. 

My new layout will be up sometime this week hopefully, just adding the final touches! 

I’m off now, 

Love &light

Amanda xo

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Welcome to 2017! 

I’m back to work tomorrow after having two weeks off. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 

Been watching NCIS from season 1. It’s a good show πŸ™‚ 

Next week is my driving lesson! Pretty excited to be driving my car😊

I have just done the first affie check for 2017. Most sites have passed, some have not. I will keep checking these links regularly. 

Hope everyone has a good week! 

Love & light 

Amanda x

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Happy new year!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good Christmas πŸ™‚ 

Today is New Year’s Eve (3.40am) I’m in bed and I’m about to sleep. Lol

I have two weeks off work holidays, I should be with family but that didn’t happen lol. 

So what’s new with me? I got a hair cut πŸ™‚ so much cooler in these hot months! I plan on changing my hair colour soon!

Please excuse the snapchat filters!! 

I’ve been watching pretty little liars when I can, I started from the beginning. I’m up to season 5 now. It’s been good to rewatch but I’m getting so angry with it! It almost makes me not want to watch it. Lol

Has anyone seen lost girl? That will be my next tv series to watch. I have heard it’s pretty good. 

Christmas was a bit of a down day for me. I missed my family. I had planned to be with my family but that didn’t happen due to circumstances beyond my control. It’s ok though. I will see my family soon enough. The best part of the day was spending the day with other close people, and I had a ride in my baby πŸ™‚

What did you guys get for Christmas?
I got myself a new iPad Pro, it’s great I love it!
I also received computer speakers & a Bluetooth speaker πŸ™‚ which is what I wanted. 

I have a driving lesson booked later in January πŸ™‚ I just want to see where I’m at with my driving. I need to be driving more. 

I saw a 2 day trial for the sims 4, and by the end of it I just had to buy it, as it was on sale, such a bargain, and I’ve been playing it like crazy. 

I cooked silverside (corned meat) for the first time, and it turned out just beautiful! I served it with wedges (best wedges) and white finishing sauce!

I finally ended up buying cords for my Nintendo 64. I had a game of golden eye. 
My all time fave games on 64 are goldeneye, Mario kart & super Mario. What’s yours?

I went out for dinner last night. Shared pork ribs! Was nice πŸ™‚

Anyways I best get to sleep! I have a long day of drinking into the new year LOL! 

How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve?  I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year! 

Goodnight everyone!
Love & light 
Amanda. Xo

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