Nice visit from the parents. 

Yesterday I had a lovely visit from my parents that have come up from my hometown. Was really nice to see them. 

We went to the club and had lunch. I ordered a pork roast with veggies. We also had some wedges to share. The pork was so fulfilling it was great! I thought I’d be given like a piece of meat but no, they really stacked the meat on my plate. It was delicious! And that crackling mmm!

At the club I decided to put $10 in the pokies and pulled out $50. Nice win. So I treated myself to a carton of beer. 

After lunch I came home and said bye to my parents as they make their journey back to their home. I had 6 beers last night and passed out for a little while.

 Then I woke up and worked a bit more on my site. I almost have every page coded! 

I’ve been playing “gardenscapes” game on my mobile for a few weeks now. It’s addictive. I’m level 74. Do you play and What level are you? 

I have spent most of today in bed. Didn’t have a hangover because I was smart and had heaps of water and Panadol before bed! Just having a real lazy day today. Haven’t don’t any more on my site just taking a bit of a break. Watched an episode of catfish! I love that show! 

I hope everyone had a good weekend! 

Love & light 

Amanda xo

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