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It’s finally happened. 

While I’m still in the process of uploading every single image back to my website, I started something else. I can’t really finish something unless I start something else. Does that make sense? Lol! You’re probably wondering , what now? Well I have finally, finalllyy figured out how to wrap my wordpress blog around my […]

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Hey everyone. I have done a massive progress with changing my images over to a new server. I will never ever use photobucket again. I just hope this never happens again. It’s really such a hassle. I have always been a fan of photobucket. I think it is so wrong to do this to people. […]

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Photobucket? No thanks 

Hello everyone.  Sorry for my absence.  I have noticed photo bucket has stopped third party hosting, so I will have to re do all of my pictures on this site and get everything off photo bucket.  I do apologise for the mess my site is. I just need time to get this site looking nice […]

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Hey guys. How are we all? Sorry I’ve been MIA.  What’s new with me? I’ve become admin on my local Pokemon go mystic group 🙂 been making some new friends, which is great! Go mystic 😛 I had a weekend off work at the start of  March so I could attend my best friends engagement […]

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Welcome to 2017!  I’m back to work tomorrow after having two weeks off. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Been watching NCIS from season 1. It’s a good show 🙂  Next week is my driving lesson! Pretty excited to be driving my car😊 I have just done the first affie check for 2017. Most […]

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