Had a very good week. 

Hey everyone. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. Just been focusing on work. 

I have had an absolute wonderful week at work, and received good feedback for my work efforts.  I am so proud of myself 🙂

I have some good news. I get my car tomorrow! Shock horror 🙂 I’ve been keeping this to myself for a bit. But my parents brought me a car! And I get it tomorrow. I’m so excited. Here she is, “pulse” is what I’ve called her. 😍

I have already picked out seat covers & matts for her! Once I get the money I’m buying them and pimping my car out 🙂 I’m so excited. I’m still on my learners but I’m so happy to finally have a car! This year has started to be a good year, (the end of it, anyway). 

As I have a new job after months of searching, a car, and now hopefully I can get my license to drive it. 🙂 once I get her here I’ll be taking many selfies in it that’s for sure 🙂 

Now my website is complete, and I’ve been contemplating on opening it earlier than expected. I hope you guys will like my new layout. Don’t forget to vote. 

I’ve been back on the sims 3 again. This is a house I brought and installed into my game! 

Anyways, I’m off , 

Love & light

Amanda xo

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One thought on “Had a very good week. ”

  1. Oh my gosh!! I’m excited for you and your new car ^~^ hope you take pictures of the covers and stuff. I wish I could get cute ones but my kids and dogs, and mostly my hubby, ruin stuff like that :p hahaha

    And I am excited for you to reopen.. !!

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