So last night I finished cleaning my room, managed to clean out the bottom half of my cupboard, looks somewhat organized. I really am a messy person although I try to be neat & tidy but I dunno I guess I really am just a messy person. 

So last night I did a total of 4.20km walk with Matt, we were collecting some pokemon/balls along the way just to kill some time. 

Oh my god! I love cruskits! I could eat them all day just plain or with anything! Yes they are plain but they taste so damn good! 

Today, I went to the doctor. I got some results, I have to get another blood test to confirm everything and then go from there. Atleast now I have some sort of insight of what’s going on with my body. 

After the doctors i met Matt in town and we had some lunch, then walked around for a bit to get pokeballs. Then I ended up at target and brought some bathroom scales! 

I’m currently waiting for the bus home to catch up on “home and away”. 

Until next time, 

Love & light

Amanda xo

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Getting back on track. 

Starting to get back on track, drinking more water, going for more walks. 

I am determined to start the gym back up on Monday as I have my doctors appointment tomorrow. 

Been in a bit of pain today, it sucks! Managed to do the grocery shopping, I am hoping to get some washing done tomorrow before I head out for my doctors appointment. I just finished cleaning my room, I had stuff everywhere since coming home on Monday after being away for a few days. 

I’m up to season 4 of gossip girl! Loving this show! Does anyone else like gossip girl? 

Anyways I’m off for now, about to go for a walk, i hate to admit it but I have started playing Pokemon go. It’s so stupid but atleast I’m getting some exercise. 

So until next time,  here’s some random photos of me. 

Love & light

Amanda xo

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Finally had a hair cut

I needed to make a post to see how big my images are uploading. 

About 2 weeks ago I had a haircut. I was well and truly due for one. 

Photos were taken 2 weeks ago. As you can see my hair still is long, has just thinned & tidied it up a bit. I love it. It’s easier to brush and maintain. Although I could of went a little shorter. 

What do you guys think? 😊

Love & light 

Amanda xo

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Been away

Hey guys.
I haven’t been home over the last few days, been helping out with kids etc.

I am having trouble with my listing directory. If anyone is familiar with ‘Ninjalinks’ could they please email/contact me, because I am having a problem with it and it’s doing my head in.

Things have been ‘ok’ for me. I have my doctors appointment this Thursday coming, to get all my results from all of my tests that were done. I don’t really want to say on my blog as it is private, but those close to me, know whats going on. You may email me about it but Its my decision if I let you know or not.

Can’t believe it is July! Where the hell has this year gone? I haven’t seen my family since the start of this year, and I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to. I miss them. I am hoping to come down to see them in September, but I don’t think I can afford to, which sucks! Just really tight on money at the moment, budgeting really hard, and trying not to spend it on junk.

I’ve been really slack lately, mostly because of my health condition, I haven’t been going for walks as much and I haven’t been to the gym in awhile. I have just lost motivation. I am hoping this week coming I can get back into it again. (Here’s hoping).

At home on my desktop computer, I have made a layout for this domain, but I haven’t coded it yet.
I have also made a new layout for my listings directory. I was hoping to have my directory up and running, but as mentioned earlier, having problems! argh!

Well I am heading off.
Hope you all had a good weekend.
Love & Light

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Affie clear out.

Just had a huge affie clear out.
If you would like to be affies please let me know in the

I’ve been working on a new layout, ( don’t worry I’m not changing layouts just yet, i’m still loving this one :D)
Although I may need help with the coding, so if someone wouldn’t mind, it would be great, but i’ll let you know when i’m ready!

I’ve also working on improving the listings directory, I’m thinking of changing the entire directory, To something more easier to edit & moderate. So my apologies if you cannot access moonshot.

I had a good birthday, in the end. lol I am seeing Carl barron at the end of July 🙂 Not long now til my holiday in September.

Been buying alot of house stuff for when I move! so exciting.

So until next time, take care of yourselves!
Love &light
Amanda xx

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