Two hours until my birthday :)

Hey guys sorry I’ve been hella busy, been helping a friend move house! 

We all know how dreadful that can be right? It’s been pissing down rain all day and it’s now 10pm and it’s still raining! 

Hopefully the rain holds off just enough to move his fridge as every other bulky item besides gym set will be done then. 

I will reply to my cbox when I can. 

It’s my birthday in two hours. I’ll be 25. I’m so old haha. 

Love y’all. 

Amanda xoxo

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Laying low. 

Haven’t been the best lately. Ugh. Over it!

I might not be updating as much but you can always leave me a message and I’ll try get back to you 🙂 

I’m not taking a break I’m just taking it easy. 

Thanks to all my amazing visitors xx

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Hospitals bleh

So last night I spent the night in hospital dosed up on some pretty heavy meds.  I had so much medication it wasn’t funny. 

Didn’t get much sleeep in there, was hard to sleep with all the buzzers & beepers going off.  

No outcome as of yet – don’t know what been causing my pain. It is not related to my other medical condition 🙁 (or so they think) I’m over it! Hate hospitals! 

I need a new doctor as I am not satisfied with mine, but I don’t know who to see 🙁 

I came home from hospital & passed out. Needed that sleep. I was so tired I almost fell asleep on the bus home! 

Anyway I’m off to get some more rest! 

Catch you all later. 

Love & light 

Amanda xxx

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