New layout thanks to eryn. 

Omg. I am in love with this layout. Thank you so much eryn @ Killer dolls ! 

Didn’t take me long to change everything! Man I love php includes!

It’s 2am here Sunday morning. I’m feeling a bit icky. 

I should probably go to bed now that I have changed my layout. 

I’ve almost finished my animal puzzle 🙂 just got the purple/blue (sky) bits to go. It’s hard now cause literally have about 40-50 pieces left that are just purple/blue!! Ahhhh haha.

Hope you all have a good weekend and I hope you like the new layout. 
Goodnight xxxxx 



Just waiting at the tennis courts to play 🙂

My style sheet is coming along so so good! I love it already! Everything is going so perfect 🙂

How are we all?



Style sheets really ping me off. 

Hey y’all it’s like 4am. Whoops.

I can’t sleep. I’ve been working on my stylesheet for my new layout! It’s coming together gooood.

I am feeling better, my nose isn’t as blocked as it was, but it’s still running. Argh. Can’t believe I’ve been sick twice with the flu this season. It isn’t even winter yet. (Start of June). 

Well my birthday is coming up next month. I’ll be 25. Wow. I feel so old. 

Ive been really getting into a band called all time low. Oh my god. Amazing. I’ve just discovered them and I just can’t get enough. 
I better try sleep. Goodnight everyone have a good day xxxxxx


jigsaw puzzles make my head hurt.

Hey guys! How are we all? Sorry for the lack of updates-
Although I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been leaving messages on your cbox‘s & i’m pretty active on my forum.

I’ve come down with the flu again. (*bangs head against wall*)
I’ve also been occupied on a jigsaw puzzle for the last few days, It’s a 1000 piece puzzle with animals on it. I’ll post a picture when I’ve finished it.

I’ve still been dealing with my medical condition as well, I’ve kept it a bit quiet as I still don’t know my results as of yet. (*bangs head even harder against the wall*). (Damn doctors making me wait. argh)

I get to see Carl Barron in a month or two for my birthday, I’m excited, he is so funny!

I’m also in the process of making another layout as well, thanks to Eryn @ killer dolls! I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to be ready!!

I’m off to play some borderlands.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Love & light xx

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Come join & invite your friends to my forum <3
Thanks 😊

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