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Stay tuned for the new layout. 

I’ve given myself a deadline, to have my new layout dropped by December 1st. 🙂

I’ve been working on it the last few days, I spent a lot of days wasted trying to convert my pages over to WordPress but that was a complete waste of time. 

Also my site will be on an open revamp as there’s some pages that require my attention. 

Here’s some of my kitchen stuff that I’ve been buying over the last few months 🙂 I can’t wait to move out to start using this stuff. Lol It’s just exciting. I don’t mind the place I’m in now, but when I move I’ll be closer to town, closer to my work. I get so excited each week going into the kitchen shop to look at things. Haha. I never thought kitchen stuff would get me so excited. lol I think it’s the thought of moving again but this time actually owning everything. As the last few places I’ve lived in I shared most things. Which I don’t mind as it was a share house with friends, and then I lived with my sister, I was generous enough to leave her all of my kitchen stuff when I moved. And now I’m in Bundaberg I’ll be moving within the next year or so. 

Anyways, here’s some selfies I’ve recently taken on my phone. Haha. 

Have a good hump day everyone! 

I’m working in the morning so I better get some sleep!


Love & light


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jigsaw puzzles make my head hurt.

Hey guys! How are we all? Sorry for the lack of updates-
Although I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been leaving messages on your cbox‘s & i’m pretty active on my forum.

I’ve come down with the flu again. (*bangs head against wall*)
I’ve also been occupied on a jigsaw puzzle for the last few days, It’s a 1000 piece puzzle with animals on it. I’ll post a picture when I’ve finished it.

I’ve still been dealing with my medical condition as well, I’ve kept it a bit quiet as I still don’t know my results as of yet. (*bangs head even harder against the wall*). (Damn doctors making me wait. argh)

I get to see Carl Barron in a month or two for my birthday, I’m excited, he is so funny!

I’m also in the process of making another layout as well, thanks to Eryn @ killer dolls! I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to be ready!!

I’m off to play some borderlands.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Love & light xx

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Computers suck!

So today is day 4 and my laptop is completely screwed. I can’t restore it. It’s useless. Thank god I have a desktop computer! 

Today I have been working on my listings directory! It should be opening soon, hopefully within the next few weeks. I don’t want to rush myself lol. 

I went for a walk around the botanic gardens in the morning it was good to get out & get one fresh air & walk the dogs! 

The gym is going really well at the moment I am happy with the program I am doing. I have been tempted to weigh myself but i don’t want to get my hopes up, although it’s only been 2-3 weeks now since I started. We get weighed in about 2-3 or so more weeks! 

I’ve started to feel better instead of being at home all day doing nothing, I think I started getting into a rut, although I need to work on my sleeping, my sleeping at the moment is a huge issue. 

It’s 3:00am here & I’m still awake watching 2 fast 2 furious when I should be in bed. 

I have an engagement party tonight! Looking forward to it! 🙂 

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Love& light 
Amanda xo

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Borderlands,volleyball, nutrimetics. 

Hey guys! So what have I been up to lately? Well I haven’t been playing the sims3. I’ve barely been on the computer. I’ve been playing borderlands 2 on ps4. I completed all story missions in 15 hours! It was a struggle but well worth it. Now onto true vault hunter mode. 
Apart from borderlands, I’m still watching McLeods daughters and still only on season 2! I went for a walk today, I’m determined to get back into my weight loss journey! May take awhile, but one day at a time. I’m joining a gym and I’ve also joined a volleyball team, I’ve  never played so it will be a real test for me! The only team sport I have played is netball throughout my teenage years. I guess it’s time to be more active! 

I am now a nutrimetics consultant. If anyone would like to buy any products, please let me know. (within Australia only, sorry guys). I am making my first order this week and I have already reached my first goal! Thanks you lovely ladies who have made orders! 

So that’s the latest with me, I’m trying to get on to reply to my,  when I have the time. But thanks to all the new visitors who have popped by 🙂
I better head to sleep it’s almost 3:00 am here!

Goodnight xo 🙂

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I’m Home

As most of you know, I visited my home town Lismore, after I saw the amazing Sam Smith in concert!
While I was in Lismore, I got to see how big my cat Buttons has gotten! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention, my little nephew! He is now 1 year and 1 month old!
While visiting my Aunty and uncle, I did a little bit more of that 1000 piece puzzle I was working on. I was really Hoping on getting it completed, but as you can see, it’s progress!

Matt cooked us a delicious meal, It’s basically sausage with mash potato in a puff pastry! And it wasn’t bad for his first attempt! Was really fulfilling!
We also made burgers, This burger has a chicken patty, egg, beetroot, cheese, lettuce, tomato on a deliciously toasted bun! Thanks Jeff for the cooking tip!
We played poker, and drank delicious red wine!

My younger sister gave me a ‘big sis’ bracelet for Christmas! It’s really cute!
I caught up with my best friend Mikayla and her partner Luke and we went over to Sara’s house to see her newborn! she is so beautiful.
Mikayla, Luke, Matt and I also took a trip up to Tweed Heads and saw a movie, “Daddy’s Home”. It wasn’t a bad movie! After the movie we travelled up to Surfers Paradise and had dinner at Pancakes in Paradise! The plate of Nachos which is what I had, honestly looked like 2 bags of doritos on the plate! So Huge! After dinner we headed on over to Timezone and had 2 hours of fun in the gaming arcade!

After Lismore, Matt and I headed to Brisbane to break up the travelling and to see his brother and sister. This is the amazing apartment we stayed in!

While in Brisbane we did alot of walking, went to the botanical gardens, and I also went to a Casino for the first time!

I had a lovely time in Lismore over the Christmas break. Now that I am back home the weather has been pretty crappy, it has been storming like every  night Getting sick of this rain now!

Tomorrow I get NBN connected. They say it’s meant to be faster speeds, I doubt it, but we shall see!

I will hopefully be conducting an affie sweep on the 2nd of Feb! Any sites that do not have my link will be removed!

I have been playing the sims 3 heaps lately! My house is looking pretty good. Apart from that, I was watching Mcleod’s Daughters. I have just started season 2. What a great show! And I have been playing borderlands 2 on PS4. I haven’t played the sony in over a month so it was good to get back on!

While I was in Lismore I was working on a new layout but my computer crashed and I lost everything I was working on. Hopefully soon I can start to re-do my layout. So disappointing when computers crash/restart!

That’s it for now guys! Have a good week 🙂

Love, Amanda xo

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